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1. The best and most up-to-date material (readings, elessons, tests) in the business.
  Our teaching and psychometric tools are the most comprehensive; our readings the most relevant, focused and germane. We have put together a suite of tools for you that are far superior to any other material used for GMAT preparation. Our readings cover the entire spectrum of topics covered in the GMAT exam; they teach you the basic and elementary principles and prepare you with a strong foundation that helps you understand and master advanced concepts and “power-user” techniques. The material is constantly updated to reflect the changing trends and patterns. Take a test-drive today.
2. The best focus on tough math topics. If you want to score 700+ on the GMAT, our elessons are a must-have.
  The math portion of the GMAT has steadily increased in difficulty the past few years. For a well-rounded score, you need to score high on the tougher math topics that are now frequently tested in the GMAT. Our elessons are far and away the best tools to study for these more challenging math subjects. As the international pool of test takers has expanded, math scores have crept up because the typical international test taker scores higher, on an average, in math. Remember, your GMAT score is a statistically significant score; your percentile score depends not only on how well you do but also on how well your fellow test-takers perform. That is what the percentile is all about. Because of the dramatic improvement in the ability of others in the test-taking pool, schools are faced with a slew of high GMAT scores; the schools have thus started using higher GMAT scores in their own ‘process of elimination’. Take a test-spin today.
3. The most rigorous curriculum.
  Our 30-day course and and 60-day courses are rigorous and grueling. They require 120-140 hours of work on your part. Choose the one that suits you the best. If you have set your sights on a high score, our courses are for you. The GMAT score of admittants to the top business schools has steadily increased over the years. So if you aim high for your dream B-school, you have to aim high(er) for your GMAT score. And why not? The average starting salaries for HBS graduates is twice the median salary of business graduates in the USA . Your GMAT score is probably the most important factor in determining whether you will be admitted to a top business school. So if you have the drive and determination, we will provide the right tools, curriculum, and guidance to achieve your objectives, however lofty your objective may be.
4. Your student dashboard with a sophisticated Message and Download Center.
  Ask questions pertaining to any of the course tools on the personal message center. Receive personalized responses from our administrators. Take a look today.
5. The best complete immersion program.
  Our test methodology has you taking tests from Week 1, because we have proven that taking timed and scored tests is the best way to learn and train. We make you take a whopping 40 simulated tests in the course. We call this the test-centric approach. Other prep companies throw in a CD of tests prepared by some ‘other’ company, or rebadge/rebrand other tests as their own. See the list of tests that make up our courses.
6. Patent pending time-scale-factor system allows you to individualize your test preparation.

Use this powerful tool to set your own time constraints in the math or verbal sections of the simulated full-length tests. Train your weak areas, or speed-test if you like. Read more about this tool here.

7. The best value for your money, period

Our course does not cost thousands of dollars. The price of our teaching tools: tests, lessons, and readings, alone is more than what you pay for the course. We have consolidated our tools to bring you the most complete, most comprehensive, and best-tailored GMAT prep course. So before you spend $1500 for that 3-day complete immersion course, or $200/hour for private tutoring, consider the alternatives. We are better and we do not cost a bundle. We provide you with the best ROI in the industry.

8. You receive our guarantee.
  We guarantee you will score in the actual GMAT test at least as high as you do in our final exam – if you do not, you can retake the course (and receive our dashboard access) for free. Read here
9. We do not outsource or sell third-party tests and lessons.

We are therefore able to offer you the best quality test prep material, without making any compromises. So next time you research a GMAT course, ask these questions, and train your ears to spot excuses and explanations. The more piercing your questions are, the greater the likelihood the salesperson will scurry for cover. Ask the prep companies if they have written their own simulated tests, and if the companies stand behind their tests’ scoring and relevance. Don’t settle for less.

10. Take the course anytime, anywhere.
  Our course content is delivered over the Internet. Interaction with your administrators is through a private message center and through email. So, if you are pressed for time, or if you value your time and want to put it to the best and most efficient use, harness the power of the Internet. Spend less time commuting to classrooms, and spend more time studying for the GMAT. Do not get bogged down by instructors who teach GMAT as their third-job. Do not attend a class where the slowest students hog the instructor. The best and most efficient use of your time is to study anytime, anywhere. When you need us, go to your personal message center. Always remember that we are just a phone call away of you have any administrative issues with your course.
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      List of tests: 40
Number Test Type
1 Diagnostic Test 4 sections, 3 hours 50 minutes, downloadable
18 Math Tests 1 section, 75 minutes, downloadable
12 Verbal Tests 1 section, 75 minutes, downloadable
8 Full-length Tests 4 sections, 3 hours 50 minutes, downloadable
1 Final Test 4 sections, 3 hours 50 minutes, downloadable
      List of eLessons: ~ 50
Sentence Correction

Pronoun Errors
Sentence correction Primer : Part 1 : Sentences
Sentence correction Primer : Part 2 : Eight parts of speech.

  Coordinate Geometry Lesson 1
  Coordinate Geometry Lesson 2
  Angles in a polygon
  Area of triangles
  Cyclic quadrilaterals
  Pythagorean triplets
Permutations & Combinations
  Permutations & Combinations Lesson 1
  Permutations & Combinations Lesson 2
  Permutations & Combinations Lesson 3
  The Exponent of prime p in n!
  Circular Permutations
  The Scheduling Principle
  Counting Handshakes
  Subsets of a set with finite elements
  Statistics Lesson 1
  Statistics Lesson 2
  Probability 1
  Probability 2
  Venn Diagrams
Bonus 1
  Fuss about Zero
  Introduction to Deductive Logic
  The Number Hierarchy
  Quadratic Equations
  The Greatest Integer Function
  Prime Factorization
  Algebra: Indices and Surds
  Absolute values
  Inequalities and inequations
  Summation of series
Bonus 2
  Prime Factorization of Numbers
  The Mod Function
  Introduction to Algebra I
  Introduction to Algebra II
  Introduction to Coordinate Geometry
  Introduction to Factors
  Introduction to Indices
  Introduction to Probability
  Introduction to Statistics
  Introduction to Lines
  Introduction to Prime Numbers
  Introduction to Triangles
  Introduction to Quadrilaterals I
  Introduction to Quadrilaterals II
    List of Math Readings: 11
Math 1
Math 2
Math 3
Math 4
Math 5
Math 6
Math 7
Math 8
Math 9
Math 10
Math Revision
    List of Verbal Readings: 6
Reading Comprehension
Sentence Correction 1
Sentence Correction 2
Critical Reasoning 1
Critical Reasoning 2
Verbal Revision
    List of Essay Readings
Essay 1
    List of Tutorials: 4

  List of Files in Download Center


GMATScore_30Day_Course.pdf or GMATScore_60Day_Course.pdf
DirectoryMap_Course Material.pdf

    Additional Material
Essay Topics
Math Concepts
    Supplementary Material
Critical Reasoning Exercises (4)
Data Sufficiency Problem Sets (3)
Essay Exercises
  Analysis of an Issue
  Analysis of an Argument
Idiom Lists (2)
Reading Comprehension Exercises (7)
Vocabulary Lists (6)


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