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Full-length tests with all sections, just like the real test!
  4 sections, duration 3 hours 40 minutes: Sections 1 and 2 are Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument, Section 3 is the Quantitative portion, and Section 4 is the Verbal portion of the test
  2 optional breaks in the test  
  Ability to submit essays for grading at end of test  
  Full Length Test Packages
Includes 4 scored tests, with answer reviews and detailed explanations

General Features of GMAT Score Tests

Unique personalized test system* – set the time limits for the test according to your expertise level

Real-time, highly accurate scoring

User-friendly and easily navigable interface

Challenging and pertinent questions

Highly accessible HELP menu during the test

Highly accurate test experience

Answer review at end of test

Detailed answers & explanations included with every test

Constantly updated test engine

Most up-to-date content

Incorporates latest format of questions asked on the GMAT test

Dynamically generated graphics for score analysis

Comparison with mean scores as reported by GMAC.

Covers all subject areas tested on the GMAT

Submit scores and answer responses to GMAT Score from within the test interface


*(patent-pending technology); available only for Quantitative and Verbal portions of full-length tests.


GMAT Score tests – the only tests for individualized GMAT® test preparation

GMAT Score's TSF technology allows test takers to independently manipulate time allotted for individual sections of the test, through the use of time scale factors (TSFs).

The GMAT Score simulated test gives the user an extremely powerful tool for effective, targeted, and individualized test preparation.

GMAT Score tests, just like the real GMAT® test, have some basic do’s and don’ts…
You cannot go back, you can just go forward in the test
You cannot leave questions unanswered except at the end of the test
You will be over-penalized for incorrect answers in the beginning of the test section
You will be severely penalized for any unanswered question at the end of the test section
You cannot skip questions and revisit them to reconsider or change your answers
You cannot try any other 'settling down' techniques that you may otherwise in paper-based tests, like answering those questions whose subject matter you are more comfortable with
You will never find out which questions are 'experimental'; these are questions which will not count towards your grades (so stop guessing and out-guessing)
You will have to score well in both Math and Verbal sections in order to get a 700+ score
If you hope to score very well (740+), you better do well in the verbal section
Familiarity with the test, question formats, constraints, help menus, navigation style, and the user interface will help you a lot
A good stamina helps; the test is rigorous and you will need the practice of staying on the top of your form for 4 hours
When you have to guess, do so intelligently in order to better your odds at getting the right answer, and use process of elimination to narrow down answers
Use pencil and scratch paper effectively (noteboards and markers are allowed in the exam)

GMAT Score tests – the best tools to prepare for the GMAT® exam
One of the best ways to prepare for a standardized test is to take a simulated test. That said, what makes a good simulated test?

A good simulated test will, first and foremost, provide current, relevant, and challenging test material, without deviating from the prescribed topics, question-types, and subject-matter emphasis.

A good simulated test will effectively mimic the actual test, more specifically its interface, constraints, and its help-system.
GMAT Score simulated tests for the GMAT provide users with the best tools to prepare for the GMAT exam.
GMAT Score simulated tests for GMAT® exam

GMAT Score simulated tests are the most sophisticated and accurate computer-based preparation and practice tool for the GMAT® exam.

Created with the patent-pending TSF technology, these tests can be individualized for users of various levels of expertise. With challenging, highly relevant, and up-to-date content, these simulated tests have helped test takers around the globe improve their scores dramatically.

A highly accurate real-time scoring engine, complemented with dynamically generated graphics for analyzing scores, allows test takers to monitor their progress and to make suitable changes in their personalized preparation strategies.


Take a free sample GMAT test today to find out how the GMAT Score simulated tests are smarter and better.

GMAT Score simulated tests are ideally suited for electronic delivery; the products are available for download immediately upon payment. Save on shipping costs and hassles.
Delivery of products: Our products can be downloaded via a link that is sent to you by email after your purchase. You will receive your username and unlock code for the products purchase by email from Make sure you add this email address to your address book and whitelist, so that it is not sent to your junk mail folder or otherwise deleted.

Product activation: When you first install the product you purchase, you need to activate the products via an internet connection. This anonymous product activation will allow you to install the purchased product on a maximum of one computer.

Internet connection required: To run our tests and elessons, and to take our courses, you will require a stable Internet connection on the computer you install the products. Our courses consist of products (all tests and many elessons) that are run online, as well as others (all readings, many elessons, exercises, etc.) that run off-line.


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