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A man mixes two types of glues (X and Y) and sells the mixture of X and Y at the rate of $17 per pound. Find his profit percentage.

(1) The rate of X is $20 per pound.
(2) The rate of Y is $13 per pound.

A. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient but Statement (2) ALONE is not sufficient.
B. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient but Statement (1) ALONE is not sufficient.
C. BOTH Statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER Statement alone is sufficient.
D. Each Statement ALONE is sufficient.
E. Statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient.


 Submitted Answers
Student: 2/8/2010 1:35:49 AM
Student: 2/8/2010 1:35:49 AM
Student: 2/8/2010 1:35:59 AM
Student: 2/8/2010 1:36:08 AM
Student: 2/8/2010 11:02:56 AM
Answer is E. As we do not know the ratio in which X and Y are mixed, we can not determine the profit percentage.
Student: 2/8/2010 4:41:12 PM
I agree with E.
1% X and 99% Y mixture is different from 99% X and 1% mixture.
Student: 2/21/2010 5:20:22 AM

The correct answer is E.

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