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"The long-term effects of steroid use are well documented and far outweigh their short-term benefits, yet athletes continue to use them prior to competition. To discourage the use of performance enhancing substances, athletes should be permanently banned from competition if they test positive for steroid use."

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.


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awahid: 1/5/2010
Steroid is one of the types of drugs. Steroid affect the human body in terms of giving extra energy and to release the feels of the pain. The consumption of steroid gives benefits yet will create a malfunction towards the humans' health.The consumption of steroid during the competition is highly unethical as it is unfair for the other athletes who compete by using their own stamina.
Steroid give negative impact towards the purpose of the sport it self. The main objective of the sport competition is to compete in terms of the skills, discipline and the effort of the athletes. It is supposed to be a healthy competition as they compete in fairly manner.
God gives us an equal adventage and disadvantages, and we should use our advantage to perform in discipline manner. The stamina or performance can be improved with the regular training and exercise. Yet for those who are too determined to generate the outcome, they tend to cheated as the end justify the means.
Those that use steroid during the competition should be permanently banned from the competition. This is to create an awareness among the athletes to compete in fairly manner. The purpose of the sport is about creating heathly lifestyle and promoting it to the society.
Athletes used to be spokeperson for many products to commercialize it and as a referent power. The consumption of the steroid will slash the reputation of the athletes and the brands too. The youngster who admired the athletes might follow this bad attitude hence it is not a good example to society in general.
Kaedon: 5/26/2011
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pluxjcdyfz: 5/28/2011
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axsmugcgq: 6/1/2011
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Essay Answer 

Reference Essay

Steroid use has been shown to be dangerous to the individual abuser. Additionally, steroid use sets a dangerous precedent for competitors. Because of the public nature of competitions, athletes who abuse steroids should be held to a high standard. Serious penalties, including permanent exclusion from competition should be considered for those athletes who abuse steroids.

The negative health effects of steroid use are well documented. While these drugs may enhance an athlete's physical strength, steroid abuse can damage internal organs and lead to other serious health-related consequences.

In addition, steroid use among athletes sets a dangerous precedent. Many athletes are fiercely competitive and will do what they can to succeed in competition. Athletes are often awarded corporate sponsorships and endorsements as the results of their athletic achievements, so there is great pressure to perform. Superior athletic performance as the result of steroid abuse sets a dangerous precedent for future competitors, by potentially setting the bar so high that the only way to break it is by engaging in this dangerous practice of steroid abuse. Further, it may encourage individuals of ordinary abilities to enhance their performance by abusing steroids.

Because of the public nature of athletic competitions and the likelihood that other people (particularly young competitors) view athletes as role models, athletes should be held to a very high standard. Competition should not simply be based on one's ability to perform a physical feat, but also on one's ability to respect the limits of the human body. For this reason, athletes should risk permanent exclusion from competition if they test positive for steroid use.

Steroid use is not only detrimental to the individual, but it is also detrimental to the sport. It is a type of fraud perpetrated upon the unsuspecting public and it should be responded to severely by the governing bodies that oversee athletic competitions. Finally, athletic performance that is enhanced by steroid use diminishes the true achievements of those competitors who do not enhance their performance.
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