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  March 2009
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GMAT-GRE Comparison Tool: An Update

An update on the earlier-reported GMAT-GRE score comparison tool developed by ETS.

Stung by being passed over by GMAC for administering the GMAT exam, ETS has been trying to develop its own answer to the GMAT. On the other hand, it has been reported that GMAC folks have indulged in their own furtive lobbying for keeping the GMAT the gold standard for MBA admissions to most business schools.

While ETS marches on in its quest to come up with a GMAT-killer, it came out with this score comparator probably as an interim stop-gap solution. But the proof of the pudding would have been in getting hoardes of B-schools to use this tool and accept applicants’ GRE scores on the basis of the GMAT-equivalent score churned out by this tool.

Even though reputed schools like Sloan accept GRE scores, most schools have not followed suit. First, the cost of taking the GMAT test is a non-material cost compared to the stratospheric MBA tuition fees, so the lower cost of taking the GRE is just not incentive enough. Second, it seems schools have more faith in the statistical analyses that are touted by GMAC for a direct correlation between GMAT scores and performance in the MBA program.

So you have a good GMAT score and hence you’ll do better in business school – this is a compelling argument for most business schools to stick to the GMAT and concentrate their efforts in improving recruitment, interviews, and other checks and measures in their admissions process.

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