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Knowing how to select an appropriate wine for any occasion, be it a meal at home, a celebration, or a formal dinner, ranks among the most valuable of social graces. Properly matching wine to food, personalities, and mood can turn a simple gathering into a memorable event and is a superb reflection on a host. Many people, unfortunately, find the prospect of wine selection so intimidating that they forego the pleasures of wine altogether. This is totally needless. There are no absolutely perfect wine choices. Deciding on an appropriate wine is a matter of preparing one's mind for common sense.

There are, of course, guidelines and traditions associated with wine selection, but some have recently begun to modulate. Ordering red wine with fish was an unforgivable travesty just a decade ago. Today such a choice is rather commonplace and fun to try; there is even a book entitled Red Wine with Fish, written by wine experts Joshua Wesson and David Rosengarten.

In recent years, especially in America, there has been an active trend toward innovation in matching wine with food and occasion. Such experimentation can, of course, be taken to extremes. Some people refuse to acknowledge any guidelines and seem to revel in silly combinations which have no manner of relationship. Still others are so tightly bound to rules that they consider a dinner ruined if a given wine selection is not totally perfect. More and more people are trying different combinations of wine and food; they are fully acquainted with wine traditions, but feel comfortable in adding a personal touch as well.

Discoveries can be made that become personal favorites and even establish new conventions. Like an expert chef improving freely on a classic recipe, seasoned enophiles know exactly how unorthodox they can be. They also know that experimenting at home with close friends or relatives can be an enjoyable way to create new wine and food combinations. Imposing on the boss and the boss's spouse to serve as guinea pigs for a brainstorming session should be avoided. Research has its time and place; as ever, commonsense should prevail.

[Vine, Richard P. Wine Appreciation. New York, NY. John Wiley & Sons. c 1997. p. 129]

5. In the passage the author states: "Some people refuse to acknowledge any guidelines and seem to revel in silly combinations which have no manner of relationship." What does the author mean by this statement?"
a. Some people do not consider the effect of wine choice on their family and friends.
b. Once people start drinking, they will do unpredictable things.
c. Guidelines about wine choice are silly and some people refuse to acknowledge that.
d. Some food combinations do not go well with wine.
e. Some people give no thought to how well the wine choice complements the meal and the occasion.


 Submitted Answers
Student: 1/9/2010 10:23:55 PM

The correct answer is E.

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