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  The best and most up-to-date material (readings, elessons, tests, & other resources): constantly updated to reflect the current trends
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Full Length Test Full length simulated GMAT tests with Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative, and Verbal sections. Each test is of 3 hrs 50 mins duration, and contains complete
answers and explanations.

Give yourself more time or less time (speed test) in Math and Verbal sections by using our proprietary TSF technology for a custom-tailored GMAT prep strategy.
Math Test GMAT simulated Math tests
Each test is of 1 hr 15 mins duration, and contains complete explanations.
Make your prep strategy more targeted by taking our Data Sufficiency or Problem Solving tests. Focus on specific subjects by taking our subject specific tests.
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GMAT simulated Verbal tests
Each test is of 1 hr 15 mins duration, and contains complete explanations.

Make your prep strategy more targeted by taking our Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, or Critical Reasoning tests.


Set your own time constraints for math and verbal portions of the test
Graphically analyze your score
Real-time, highly accurate scoring
Compare your score with mean scores reported by Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®)
Detailed answers and explanations for every test!
User friendly interface
Incorporates newest format of questions asked on the GMAT (boldface questions, highlighted passages)
Boost your GMAT score with the best eLessons, in subject areas that
trip test takers the most. Build strong fundamentals, forge a solid
foundation of knowledge, and hone skills that will let you tackle with
confidence and speed any question thrown your way.
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 Features of GMAT Score eLessons
Focused: Subject specific
Learn from the ground up: Build a strong foundation on the basics and learn how to apply the to GMAT-style questions
Comprehensive: Covers the topic with no loose ends
Question drills: Test your knowledge as you learn
Challenging questions
Worked examples with detailed explanations
Tip boxes: Time-saving tips & tricks
Advanced topics: Satisfy your curiosity, but skip if you are short on time
With data sufficiency questions: Apply your knowledge to data sufficiency questions which pose unique challenges
User-centered interface: Easy to read with user-friendly interface
Portable: Wherever you go, take your elesson on your WindowsTM laptop
Keyboard shortcuts: Better & more powerful navigation 
 Welcome to – the preferred destination for all things GMAT.
If you are a candidate in a business field, irrespective of whether your native language is English, you are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Most business programs will not consider your application without GMAT results.

The GMAT is a critical element of your application to any business school. GMAT scores are now increasingly used in hiring business graduates—many reputable companies use GMAT scores for recruiting MBA’s. The importance of the GMAT score therefore does not end with your admittance to a good business school; your GMAT score is a veritable entry to your résumé.

In many ways admissions and recruitment are similar—they are both about elimination. A good GMAT score can get you through that proverbial funnel of admissions without being eliminated. A good GMAT score cannot ensure you a spot in the school of your choice, but a mediocre score can keep you out.

The Admissions Committee of a business school uses your GMAT score for measuring your academic ability, and for comparing, on an even keel, your credentials with those of other candidates. The GMAT thus gives the Committee a standardized means to compare candidates with vastly differing backgrounds, accomplishments, skill-sets, and aspirations.

Did you know that the MBA degree accounts for 25% of all graduate degrees awarded in the United States? Hence, at least one quarter of all students pursuing graduate studies will take the GMAT test. If you are planning or even contemplating being one of them, enroll today in GMAT Score preparation courses that are far and away the best tools for preparing you for the rigors of the GMAT exam.Global competition for admission to top business schools remains intense. From Houston to Hyderabad, from Singapore to Shanghai, from Boston to Beijing, your GMAT score will be a clear differentiator —a good score will help you stand out from the crowd.

A good GMAT score:

allows the Admissions Committee to overlook situations where a candidate has a mediocre GPA or has attended a not-well-known undergraduate institution;

reinforces an applicant’s academic abilities by establishing a common-denominator scale of comparing the applicant with other applicants;

provides a reasonably good indication as to how well an admitee will perform in the first year of the MBA program (the first-year GPA has been found to correlate well with GMAT scores).

The GMAT measures general verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills. It does not test advanced mathematics, arcane English grammar rules, business competence, or specific subject knowledge.

The GMAT consists of three sections, and provides section scores that contribute to your overall performance in the test:
  Analytical Writing Assessment;


The GMAT is a challenging test, but if you train effectively and efficiently for the test, you will see a dramatic improvement in your score. Because the GMAT is a standardized test, it is predictable, and like any other skill, it is one that can be acquired and enhanced through consistent practice and review. Focused preparation courses offered by GMAT Score are a key to your success on the GMAT.

If you have any questions, apprehensions, fears, or foibles associated with the GMAT exam, use GMAT Score resources for help, guidance, and training. GMAT Score prep courses offer the most complete, challenging, and affordable GMAT training anywhere. GMAT Score courses are backed by a lifetime warranty—follow the course regimen and you will see your scores improve. You will gain more confidence, familiarity, and expertise as you go through the included study materials and tools.

Upon registering for a GMAT Score course, you will be able to access the latest and most relevant study material and cutting-edge tools (tests, ebooks, lessons, readings). You will get a personal dashboard with a student center and download area, and you will be able to interact with course administrators through a message center.

GMAT Score offers a one-stop solution for everything you need to score high on the GMAT test. You can train anytime, anywhere, at a schedule and a pace you set for yourself.

Register with today, and take the student dashboard for a test drive. Use the free resources – Free tests, Free lessons, Free Question-of-the-day, Free ebook previews. If you have any questions please use our Contact-Us form

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